shanghai san-凯时娱乐

2015p-a plane ph combination electrode
  • ● pvc shell;
    ● gel without added kcl;
    ● flat glass sensitive film;
    ● ring ptfe liquid junction; bnc plug without wire

301pt-c plastic orp combination electrode
  • ● polycarbonate shell; removable electrode cap; gel without added kcl, ф6 platinum coils, easy to clean and polish
    ● special note: when used in solution, resting placement after shaking to eliminate bubble in the electrode cap, otherwise measurements will be unstable.

2401-c glass conductivity electrode
  • ● glass shell,constant=1.0 cm-1, parallel platinum sheet in cavity structure. high accuracy, good repeatability.

djs-0.1-c pure water conductivity electrode
  • ● glass shell,constant =0.1 cm-1, parallel to the platinum in large area ,high accuracy。

2301-c plastic conductivity electrode
  • ●polycarbonate shell,constant =1.0 cm-1,high accuracy, good repeatability.