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sx751 portable ph/orp/conductivity/do meter
    the perfect combination of advanced electronical technology, electrode technology and software design. measurement of parameters with high precision such as ph, orp, conductivity, tds, salinity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature of water solution. the most cost effective portable water analytical instrument.

● built-in microprocessor chips, intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function set-up, self-diagnose information, automatic power-off and low voltage display.

●multi-parameter meter, equipped with ph electrode, orp electrode, conductivity electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode, automatic identification of electrode by meter.
●automatic identification of 13 ph standard calibration solutions, three options of standard buffer solutions: europe and america series, nist series and china series.
● able to set ph measurement modes of high purity water and pure water with ammonia.
● automatic identification of 8 conductivity standard calibration solutions, two options of standard calibration solutions: europe and america series and china series.
● adopt advanced conductivity measurement technology, use conductivity electrode of constant k=1, only need one point calibration and meet the measurement precision requirement of 0.5μs/cm ~ 200 ms/cm.
● ability to switch among conductivity, tds, salinity and resistivity. multinomial calculation for tds and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale.
●conductivity measurement mode has the function of non-linear temperature compensation for high purity water.
●measurement mode of dissolved oxygen has the function of automatic temperature compensation, automatic salinity compensation and manual air pressure compensation.
●new polarographic type dissolved oxygen electrode can measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously, equipped with special dissolved oxygen electode calibration set, polarization only for 3~5 min.
● meter meets ip57 waterproof rating, equipped with calibration solution and portable case.

category product name basic features and specifications

measuring range

(-2.00 ~ 19.99)ph


0.1/0.01 ph


meter:±0.01ph; overall: ±0.02ph

input current

≤2×10-12 a

input impendance

≥1×1012 ω


±0.01 ph/3h
temp. compensation range (0 ~ 100)℃(automatic)

measuring range (mv/orp/eh)

-1999mv ~ 0 ~ 1999mv




meter:±0.1% fs, overall: ±15mv
conductivity measuring range conductivity:(0.00~19.99)μs/cm (20.0~199.9)μs/cm (200~1999)μs/cm (2.00~19.99)ms/cm (20.0~199.9)ms/cm tds: (0 ~ 100)g/l salinity: (0 ~ 100)ppt resistivity:(0 ~ 100)mω·cm


0.01/0.1/1μs/cm 0.01/0.1 ms/cm
accuracy meter:±1.0% fs, overall:±1.5% fs

temp. compensation range

(0 ~ 50)℃(manual)

electrode constant

0.1 / 1 / 10 cm-1

benchmark temperature

25℃、20℃ and 18℃
dissolved oxygen

measuring range

(0 ~ 40.00)mg/l(ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%


0.1/0.01 mg/l(ppm) 1/0.1 %


meter:±0.10 mg/l, overall:±0.40 mg/l

response time

≤30 s(25℃, 90%response)
residual current ≤0.1 mg/l
temp. compensation range (0 ~ 45)℃(automatic)
salinity compensation range (0 ~ 45)ppt(automatic)

atmospheric pressure compensation range

(66 ~ 200)kpa (manual)

automatic calibration

air saturated by water; water saturated by air

electrode type

polarogram type
other technical parameters

data storage

200 groups
storage content series number, measuring value measuring unit and temperature,


two aa batteries (1.5v x2)

size and weight

meter:(65×120×31)mm/180g;suitcase: (360×270×76)mm/1.6kg
quality and safety certification iso9001:2000, ce and cmc
working condition

environment temperature

5 ~ 35 ℃(0.01grade)

environmental humidity


ip rating

ip57 dustproof and waterproof

1. model sx751 ph/orp/conductivity/do meter 1unit
2. 201t-s plastic ph/atc three-in-one combination electrode 1pc
3. 301pt-s plastic orp combination electrode 1pc
4. 2301-s plastic conductivity electrode 1支
5. do500 do electrode 1pc
6. ph standard buffer solution(ph4.00, ph7.00 and ph10.01/50ml) 1btl/each
7. 1413μs/cm conductivity standard solution (50ml) 1bottle
8. do503 membrane cap (do electrode use) 1bottle
9.do502 do electrode inner solution (30ml) 2pcs
10. cathode polishing paper 1pcs
11. screw driver 1pcs
12. spare aa batteries 2pcs
13. operation manual 1pcs
14. carrying case 1pcs

accessory category



ph combination electrode

201t-s plastic three-in-one ph electrode

measure ph and temperature simultaneously, atc, suited for general ph measurement, 8 pin conncetor.

2503dt-s glass three-in-one combintion ph electrode

atc, suited for ph measurement of solution under low temperature and pure water, 8 pin connector.

glass flow cell

match 2503dt-s electrode.

orp combination electrode

301pt-s plastic orp combination electrode


suited for general orp measurement, 8 pin connector.

conductivity electrode

2301-s plastic conductivity electrode

k=1.0 cm-1,atc, suited for conductivity measurement of general water solution, 8 pin connector.

djs-0.1-s glass conductivity electrode

k=0.1cm-1,atc, suited for ph measurement of of high purity water, 8 pin connector.

glass flow cell

match djs-0.1-s electrode.

do electrode

do500 do electrode

polargrafic do electrode, suited for application in lab and field, 8 pin connector.

do electrode accessory

do503 do electrode membrane cap

combined membrane cap, special for do500 do electrode, specification: 3 units per group.

do502 do electrode electrolyte

supplement electrolyte, special for do500 do electrode, specification: 30ml/bottle.

do501 negative electrode polishing paper

polishing paper,special for cleaning negative electrode of do500 do electrode, specification:2 pcs/group.

ph buffer

ph4.00 buffer


ph6.86 buffer


ph9.18 buffer


ph7.00 buffer


ph10.01 buffer


conductivity standard

84 μs/cm conductivity standard


1413 μs/cm conductivity standard


12.88 ms/cm conductivity standard


146.6 μs/cm conductivity standard


1408 μs/cm conductivity standard


12.85 ms/cm conductivity standard


electrode soaking solution

ph(orp)combination electrode soaking solution


orp standard solution

222 mv orp standard solution


portable case

small portable case(255×210×50)mm

match single electrode.

big portable case(360×270×76)mm

match multi- electrode