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yd200 lab. water hardness meter
    benchtop meter for measurement of water hardness by electrode measurement method, suited in school, research institution, laboratory of industrial and mining factory.

●benchtop meter for measurement of water hardness (the total concentration of calcium ion and magnesium ion).
●electrode adopts model 601-f water hardness combination electrode with patent structure. it consists of measurement electrode, reference electrode and temperature probe. replaceable measuring head, steady potential, fast response, easy to use.
●meter adopts intelligent chip design, automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, time display, data storage rs232 output, etc.
● ability to switch among eight units: mmol/l, mg/l (caco3), mg/l (cao), mmol/l (boiler) and mg/l (ca). three options of three units: ºfh(france)、ºdh (germany)and ºeh(uk) from wh-link communication software.
●equipped with b1、b2 and b3 calibration solution.
●equipped with wh-link communication software, connect testing data of meter to computer.

water hardness
temp. compensation
calibration mode
(0 ~ 10)mmol/l;        (0 ~ 401)mg/l(ca);
(0 ~ 1000)mg/l(caco3); (0 ~ 100)ºfh(france degree);
(0 ~ 561)mg/l(cao);    (0 ~ 56)ºdh(german degree);
(0 ~ 20)mmol/l(boiler);  (0 ~ 70)ºeh (england degree)。
0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
±5% fs
(5 ~ 50)℃((automatic))
b1 calibration solution — 2.00×10-2 mmol/l
b2 calibration solution — 2.00×10-1 mmol/l
b3 calibration solution — 2.00 mmol/l
(b3calibration solution also can be used for the soaking solution of electrode)
(a)b1/b2 calibration—using b1 and b2 calibration solution,suitable for < 2.00×10-2 mmol/l low concentration water quality,for example, boiler
(b)calibration—using b2 and b3 calibration solution,suitable forgeneral water quality.
measuring range
0 ~ 60℃
other technical parameter
data storage

content storage

communication connector


dimension and weight

quality and safe certificate
128 groups

serial number of measuring value, measuring value, units, temperature, atc or mtc, date, time and calibration way.




iiso9001:2000 and ce

working conditions
ambient temperature
ambient humidity

1. model yd300 water hardness meter


2.model 601-f water hardness electrode( with two measruing heads and one screw plug )


3. model 602 flexible electrode holder


4.250ml water hardness calibration solution (b1, b2 and b3)


5.20ml test cup


6. test cup pedestal



7. wh-link communication software

1 pc

8. rs-232 communication cable 1pc
9. operation manual 1book

accessory category



water hardness electrode

601-f water hardness electrode

suited for measurement of total concentration of calcium ion and magnesium ion, match yd200 meter, bnc rca connector


water hardness calibration solution

water hardness calibration solution b1

2.00×10-2 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)

water hardness calibration solution b2

2.00×10-1 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)

water hardness calibration solution b3

2.00 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)


plasic test cup


test cup base

place test cup on the base