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yd300 portable water hardness meter
    portable meter for measurement of water hardness by electrode measurement method, suited in field and on site.

●portable meter for measurement of water hardness (the total concentration of calcium ion and magnesium ion).
● electrode adopts model 601-f water hardness combination electrode with patent structure. it consists of measurement electrode, reference electrode and temperature probe. replaceable measuring head, steady potential, fast response, easy to use.
●meter adopts intelligent chip design, automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, time display, data storage, low voltage display, etc.
● ability to switch among eight units: mmol/l, mg/l (caco3), mg/l (cao), mmol/l (boiler), mg/l (ca). three options of three units : ºfh(france)、ºdh (germany)and ºeh(uk)from wh-link communication software.
● equipped with b1、b2 and b3 calibration solution.
● ip57 waterproof rating, equipped with portable case, calibration solution and other accessories.

water hardness
temp. compensation
calibration mode
(0 ~ 10)mmol/l;        (0 ~ 401)mg/l(ca);
(0 ~ 1000)mg/l(caco3); (0 ~ 100)ºfh(france degree);
(0 ~ 561)mg/l(cao);    (0 ~ 56)ºdh(german degree);
(0 ~ 20)mmol/l(boiler);  (0 ~ 70)ºeh (england degree)。
0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
±5% fs
(5 ~ 50)℃((automatic))
b1 calibration solution — 2.00×10-2 mmol/l
b2 calibration solution — 2.00×10-1 mmol/l
b3 calibration solution — 2.00 mmol/l
(b3calibration solution also can be used for the soaking solution of electrode)
(a)b1/b2 calibration—using b1 and b2 calibration solution,suitable for < 2.00×10-2 mmol/l low concentration water quality,for example, boiler
(b)calibration—using b2 and b3 calibration solution,suitable forgeneral water quality.
measuring range
0 ~ 60℃
other technical parameter
data storage

content storage



dimension and weight

quality & safecertificate

99 groups

serial number of measuring value, measuring value, units, temperature, atc or mtc, date, time and calibration way.

two aa cells(1.5v×2)

meter:(65×120×31)mm/180g; carry case: (255×210×50)mm/790g

iiso9001:2000 and ce

working conditions
ambient temperature
ambient humidity

1. model yd300 water hardness meter


2.model 601-s water hardness electrode( with two measruing heads and one screw plug )


3. aa cell (1.5v )

2pcs (included)

4.100ml hardness calibration solution ( b1, b2 and b3 )


5.20ml test cup


6. test cup pedestal


7.carring case


8. operation manual

1 set

accessory category



water hardness electrode

601-s water hardness electrode

suited for measurement of total concentration of calcium ion and magnesium ion, match yd300 meter, 8 pin connector

water hardness calibration solution

water hardness calibration solution b1

2.00×10-2 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)

water hardness calibration solution b2

2.00×10-1 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)

water hardness calibration solution b3

2.00 mmol/l,500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)


plasic test cup


test cup base

place test cup on the base