shanghai san-凯时娱乐

model 901 intelligent stirrer
    used in lab, in incubator and in the field

●intelligent chip design. ability to set and store the stirring rate. ability to switch between two kinds of stirring speed after pressing “prm” button.
●range: 0 to 2300 r/m (no load)
● nice appearance, transparent coping design
● used with ac or dc, and a battery low voltage alarm
●used in lab, in incubator and brought outdoors
● equipped with strut and electrode holder, it can be used as agitating arc-spark stand
● ip54 dustproof and splashproof.

stir electrode holder speed range 0~2300r / min (no load)
maximum mixing capacity 1000ml
face diameter ф100mm
other technical parameters maximum operating current 150ma
maximum power consumption 0.9w
size of the electrode clip mount φ16mm (2 holes) and φ13mm (1 hole)
electrode holder’s landing distance 0~90mm
power adapter dc6v power adapter or aa batteries (5 # batteries)/ 4pc
dimensions and weight ф100 x 146 x 48 mm /340g

1. ф10 holder 1pc
2. 220v/dc6v adaptor 1unit
3. aa (5#) battery 4pcs
4. electrode clip 1pcs
5. stir bead 2pcs