shanghai san-凯时娱乐

200-c plastic ph combination electrode
    suitable for routine ph measurements. because kcl solution can be added, so under the conditions of continuous testing, test more accurate than 201-c. the following circumstances are not suitable ●high alkalinity of the measured solution (ph>12). ●the solution corrodes the housing. ●high temperature (>60℃)while consecutively measuring

● polycarbonate shell; removable electrode cap; gel without added kcl
special note:when used in solution, resting placement after shaking to eliminate bubble in the electrode cap, otherwise measurements will be unstable.

● range: 0 to14 ph
● temperature range: 0 to 80℃
● junction: ceramic
● reference electrode: ag/ agcl
● dimension: φ12 x 160mm
● fill fluid:4mol/l kcl solution(agcl saturation)
● electrode cap size:ф16