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201b-f plastic three composite ph electrode
    use with automatic temperature compensation ph meter for routine ph measurements. when ordering, be sure the temperature component of the type (pt100, pt1000 or thermistor), and plug type. the following circumstances are not suitable 。 ●high alkalinity of the measured solution (ph>12). ●the solution corrodes the housing. ●high temperature (>60℃)while consecutively measuring

● built-in temperature probe, simultaneous measurement of ph and temperature, automatic temperature compensation.
● glass shell; removable electrode cap , gel without added kcl
special note:when used in solution, resting placement after shaking to eliminate bubble in the electrode cap, otherwise measurements will be unstable

● range: 0 to 14ph
●temperature range: 0 to 80℃
● junction: ceramic
● reference electrode: ag/ agcl
● dimension: φ12 x 160mm
● electrode cap size:ф16
● measuring element :pt100, pt1000 or thermister
● connector:bnc rca (or upon customized request)