shanghai san-凯时娱乐

2310-c plastic conductivity electrode
    plastic shell, bearing collision and impact resistance, used to test the high concentration of electrolyte solution, such as seawater and brine and so on. temperature sensing elements can be assembled as needed (platinum resistance or thermistor).

polycarbonate shell,constant=10 cm-1,structure with a high concentration of unique design conductivity electrode,no calibration test accuracy ≤±10%,calibration test accuracy≤±1.5%,advanced level among similar products。

constant:10±1 cm-1;
range:10~2000 ms;temprature:0~80℃
sensitive component:ф5× pt plate (coated with pt black)
dimension:ф12×150 mm; electrode cap size:ф16
connector:bnc (or upon customized)