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mp521 lab ph/conductivity meter
    ph conductivity double-parameter measurement meter which is suitalbe for general measurement in laboratory. it is suitable for measuring the ph value of moderate ionic strength aqueous solution, and conductivity values of conventional solution

● the most widely used ph conductivity double-parameter measurement meter.

●meter meets with the requirement of international glp standards. its features up to automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, timing measurement, clock display, rs-232 output, function setting and self-diagnose etc.
● there are three different measurement modes: stable display mode; time measurement mode; continuous measurement mode.
● automatically recognize ph buffer solution. user can choose anyone from three series of standard buffer solutions: europe & usa series, nist series and china series.
●adopt advanced and original conductivity measurement technology, use 1 pc of conductivity electrode (k=1), it can meet measuring accuracy requirement for range within 0.5μs/cm ~ 200ms/cm by using only one-point calibration.
● can switch conductivity, tds, salinity and resistivity.
● meter has the only product serial number.
● dustproof and waterproof meter meets ip54 standards. all sockets are seal protected by the silica gel caps.

measuring range
input current
input impendance
temp. compensation range
(-1.999~ 19.99)ph
0.1/0.01/0.001 ph
meter:±0.01 ph, connect meter with electrode:±0.01ph
≤1×10-12 a
≥3×1012 ω
±0.01 ph/3h
(0 to 100) ℃(automatic or manual)
measuring range(mv/orp/eh)
-1999.9mv ~ 0 ~ 1999.9mv
±0.03% fs
measuring range
temp. compensation range
electrode constant
reference temperature
conductivity:(0.00~20.00)μs/cm (20.0~200.0)μs/cm
(200~2000)μs/cm  (2.00~20.00)ms/cm
resistivity:(0 ~ 100)mω·cm
tds:  (0 ~ 100)g/l
salinity: (0 ~ 100)ppt
0.01/0.1/1μs/cm  0.01/0.1/1 ms/cm
meter:±1.0% fs,connect meter with electrode:±1.5% fs
(0 ~ 50)℃(automatic )
0.1 / 0.5 / 1 / 5 / 10 / 50 / 100  cm-1
25℃、20℃ and 18℃
measuring range
-10℃~ 110℃
5~ 60℃range:±0.4℃  other range:±0.8℃
other technical parameters:
data storage
storage content
communication connector
size and weight
quality and safety certification
300 groups
measuring value series number, measuring value, temperature, atc or mtc state, measuring date and time
160 × 190 × 70mm/880g
iso9001:2008, ce and cmc
working condition
environment temperature
environmental humidity
ip rating
5 ~ 35 ℃(0.01grade) 15 ~ 30 ℃(0.001grade)
ip54 dustproof and waterproof

1. model mp521 lab ph/conductivity meter 1set
2. model 602 flexible electrode holder 1pc
3. 201t-m plastic ph/atc three-in-one combination electrode 1pc
4. 2301-m plastic conductivity electrode 1pc
5. ph standard buffer solution(ph4.00, ph7.00 and ph10.01/50ml) 1btl/each
6. 1413μs/cm conductivity standard solution(50ml) 2btls
7. 9v power adapter(meter use)e 1pc
8. rs-232 communication cable 1pc
9. mp521 communication software disk 1pc
10. operation manual 1unit
11. brief operation instruction 1unit
12. packing list 1pc

accessory categry

ph combination electrode

201-c plastic combination ph electrode

suitable for routine ph measurements, widely used, bnc connector。

200-c plastic combination ph electrode

suitable for routine ph measurements, long continuous, high precision, bnc plug.

206-c plastic combination ph electrode

smaller diameter electrode, suitable for small diameter container in a test, bnc connector

201t-m plastic three-in-one combination ph electrode

simultaneous measurement of ph and temperature, automatic temperature compensation, bnc rca plugs.

2501-c glass combination ph electrode

for precise ph test, routine laboratory use, bnc plug.

2503-c glass combination ph electrode

for precise ph test, used to measure complex samples, bnc plug.

2503d-c glass combination ph electrode

for low-temperature solution and pure water ph measurement, bnc plug.

2503g-c glass combination ph electrode

suitable for high temperature solution ph measurements, bnc plug

2503s-c glass combination ph electrode

for acid and high-temperature solution ph measurements, bnc plug.

2015p-c plane combination ph electrode

for the surface and trace solution ph measurement, bnc plug.

conductivity electrode
djs-0.1-m pure water conductivity electrode
k=0.1 cm-1,automatic temperature compensation, for testing the conductivity of high pure water, 4-pin plug
2401-m glass conductivity electrode
k=1.0 cm-1,automatic temperature compensation, precision laboratory test for conductivity, 4-pin plug.
2301-m plastic conductivity electrode
k=1.0 cm-1,automatic temperature compensation for laboratory and field testing, 4-pin plug.
2310-m plastic conductivity electrode
k=10 cm-1,automatic temperature compensation, used to test seawater and concentrated salt water, etc., 4-pin plug
glass flow cell
equipped with djs-0.1-m electrode
orp composite electrode

301pt-c plastice orp combination electrode

orp measurement for conventional, wide range of uses, bnc plug

3501pt –c glass orp combination electrode

orp measurement of routine laboratory, test stability, fast response, bnc plug

temperature electrode
mp500 temperature electrode
stainless steel housing, fast response, high accuracy, rca plugs
ph buffer

ph4.00 buffer


ph6.86 buffer


ph7.00 buffer


ph9.18 buffer


ph10.01 buffer


conductivity calibration solution

84 μs/cm conductivity calibration solution


1413 μs/cmconductivitycalibration solution


12.88 ms/cmconductivitycalibration solution


146.6 μs/cmconductivitycalibration solution


1408 μs/cmconductivitycalibration solution


12.85 ms/cmconductivitycalibration solution

electrode soaking
ph(orp)combination electrode soaking solution
10-5 mol/l sodium ion electrode soaking solution
equipped with 7801sodium electrode . 500ml/250ml/100ml(bottle)
orp standard solution
222 mv orp standard solution
electrode holder

model 602 flexible electrode holder

nice appearance of the arc-type bracket, you can turn 360 degrees and vertical lift

model 601stirring type electrode holder

the electrode holder and magnetic stirrer combination of new products.

model 600 electrode holder

cheap simple electrode holder