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5031 tds pocket tester
    economy tds tester, meet general requirements, cost-effective

● long measurement range, automatic switching range.
● automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation (without temperature display.)
● low voltage alarm display.
● 10 minutes automatic shutdown.
● with tds calibration solution.
● ip57 waterproof rating.

tds measuring range

(0~5.00) ppt, divided into three sections, automatic switching range: (0~49.9)ppm (50~499)ppm (0.50~5.00)ppt

resolution 0.1/1ppm;0.01 ppt
accuracy ±1%fs
temperature compensation (0~50)℃(auto)
other technical parameters automatic calibration 1point calibration(4.20 ppt)
power 2 aaa batteries, 1.5v × 2, more than 100 hours of continuous using
size and weight 39×25×176 mm/ 87g
waterproof ip57

1. 5031tds pocket tester 1pc
2. tds calibration solution 4.20 ppt 2bottle
3. aaa batteries 2pcs
4. manual 1pc

accessories category product name basic features and specifications
tds calibration solution 4.20 ppt tds calibration solution 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)