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sx811 portable ph meter
    the most cost effective portable ph, suited for industrial and mining factories, power plant, water treatment project, environmental protection industry, etc, especially suited in field and on-site.

◆ 1-3 point automatic calibration, the meter provides calibration guide and automatic checking function.
◆ the meter is able to recognize up to 12 types of ph standard buffer solutions. there are three options of standard buffer solutions: usa series, nist series and chinese series (ch), there is also customer-defined solution calibration.
◆ the meter provides two special modes for pure water and pure water mixed with ammonia. these special modes offer temperature compensation for ph value, especially suitable or the electricity and petrochemical industries.
◆ equipped with calibration solution and portable case and suited in field and on site.
◆ meter meets ip57 rating.

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range (-2.00 ~ 19.99)ph
resolution 0.01/0.1 ph
accuracy ±0.01 ph ±1digit
input current ≤1×10-12 a
input impedence ≥1×1012 ω
stability ±0.01 ph/3h ±1 digit
temperature compensation (0 ~ 100)°c(manual or automatic)
range -1,999mv ~ 0 ~ 1,999mv
resolution - 200 mv ~ 0 ~ 200 mv: 0.1 mv;others:1mv
accuracy ±0.1% fs ±1digit
range 0~100°c
resolution 0.1℃
accuracy ±0.5℃±1digit
other technical parameters
data storage 500 groups
storage content serial number, date, time, measuring value, measuring unit and temperature value
power aaa batteries × 3 (1.5v× 3) / dc5v adaptor ( usb port)
dimension & weight meter: (88×170×33 )mm / 313g;portable case: (360×270×76)mm/1.6kg
ip rating ip57 dustproof and waterproof

1. sx811 portable ph meter 1unit
2. 201t-q plastic three-in-on ph electrode 1pc
3. ph standard buffer solution (4.00/7.00/10.01ph/50ml) 1bottle each
4. pc-link communication software disk 1disk
5. usb communication cable 1pc
6. usb adaptor (dc 5v) 1pc
7. manual 1book
8. small portable case 1pc

accessory category
ph combination electrode
2501-c glass ph combination
suited for general water such as surface water, tap water, waste water and seawater, etc. bnc connector.
2503-c glass ph combination
suited for turbid or colloidal solution such as milk, jam, water paint, cosmetics, waste water and sludge, etc. bnc connector.
2503d-c glass ph combination electrode suited for solution with low ionic strength and
high purity water, bnc connector.
2015p-c surface ph combination
suited for medium with moist surface such as skin, paper, cloth, fruit, meat, colloidal solution and micro-solution, bnc connector.
orp combination electrode
301pt-c orp combination electrode test orp, bnc connector.
temperature electrode
mp500-q temperature sensor use with ph combination electrode, 4 pin connector.
ph buffer
ph4.00 buffer 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
ph6.86 buffer 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
ph9.18 buffer 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
ph7.00 buffer 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
ph10.01buffer 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
electrode soaking solution
combination electrode soaking solution 500ml/250ml/50ml(bottle)
orp standard solution
222 mv orp standard solution 250ml/100ml/50ml(bottle)
portable case
small portable case(360×270×76)mm match sx811, sx813





sx811 portable ph meter