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sx800 series portable electrochemical meter
    perfect functions — the microprocessor-based portable meter features automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, menu set-up, self-diagnostics, due calibration reminding, calibration date checking, automatic power-off and low voltage display, etc. the multi-parameter meter is able to measue simultaneously with multiple electrodes, and switch to display. please see diagram: three electrodes at most can be fit into the clip to measure simultaneously. data processing — meet glp, clock display, manual storage and automatic timing storage, usb port and data saving in case of blackout. accurate measurement — the meter’s digital filter improves measurement speed and accuracy. there is reading stability display and automatic lock-up display mode. structure design — ip57 water-proof, able to work under rough conditions, soft rubber case, the holder at the back side of the meter is convenient for lab. use, two types of power supply: battery and usb power supply, the durable portable case includes all accessories.

1. ph measurement features (suited for model sx811, sx823, sx825 and sx836)
    ● 1~3 point automatic calibration, the meter provides calibration guide and automatic checking function.
    ● the meter is able to recognize up to 12 types of ph standard buffer solutions. there are three options of standard buffer solutions: usa series, nist series and chinese series(ch), there is also customer-defined solution calibration.
    ● the meter provides two special modes for pure water and pure water mixed with ammonia. these special modes offer temperature compensation for ph value, especially suitable for the electrictiy and petrochemical industries.
2. conductivity measurement features (suited for model sx813, sx823 and sx836)
    ● 4 calibration points can be chosen, the meter provides calibration guide and automatic checking function.
    ● the meter is able to switch among conductivity, tds, salinity and resistivity measurement mode. for tds measurement, the coefficient is adjustable.
    ● the meter is able to recognize up to 8 types conductivity standard solutions. there are two options of standard buffer solutions: usa series and chinese series(ch), there is also customer-defined solution calibration.
    ● the meter has an automatic range feature with automatic non-linear temperature compensation for pure water and high purity water with conductivity values lower than 10us/cm greatly improving accuracy and suitable for the electricity, microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries.
3. do(dissolved oxygen) measurement features (suited for model sx816, sx825 and sx836)
    ● do electrode offers a built-in temperature and salinity sensor with automatic temperature comensation and automatic salinity compensation as well as manual barometric pressure compensation. the measurement is more accurate.
    ● polarographic do electrode with special do calibration cover, electrode polarization only requires 3-5 min, three combined membranes convenient to renew.

; ;

range (-2.00 ~ 19.99)ph





resolution 0.01/0.1 ph
accuracy ±0.01 ph ±1digit
input current ≤1×10-12 a
input impedence ≥1×1012 ω
stability ±0.01 ph/3h ±1digit
temperature compensation (0 ~ 100)℃(manual or automatic)
mv range -1999mv ~ 0 ~ 1999mv
resolution - 200 mv ~ 0 ~ 200 mv:0.1 mv ;others:1mv
accuracy ±0.1% fs ±1digit

cond:0~200 ms/cm divided into five ranges:




(0.00~19.99)μs/cm (20.0~199.9)μs/cm
(200~1999)μs/cm (2.00~19.99)ms/cm
tds:(0 ~ 100)g/l
salinity:(0 ~ 100)ppt
resistivity:(0 ~ 100)mω·cm


0.01/0.1/1μs/cm 0.01/0.1 ms/cm
±1.0% fs ±1digit

temperature compensation

(0 ~ 50)℃(manual or automatic)
electrode constant
0.1 / 1 / 10 cm-1
range (0 ~ 20.00)mg/l(ppm) (0 ~ 200.0)%




resolution 0.01/0.1 mg/l(ppm) 0.1/1 %
indicating value accuracy ±0.30 mg/l
response time ≤30 s(25℃, response at 90%)
zeor accuracy ≤ 0.10 mg/l
temperature compensation (0 ~ 45)℃(automatic)
salinity compensation (0 ~ 45)ppt(automatic)

barometric pressure compensation

(60.0~ 199.9)kpa(manual)
electrode type polarographic




accuracy ±0.5℃±1digit




*** see optional accessories for various models.