shanghai san-凯时娱乐

601 stirring type electrode holder
    ● electrode holder with the function of stirring, which is made up of electrode holder and magnetic stirring apparatus, can also be used as common magnetic stirring apparatus.
    ● lifting range:0~90 mm
    ● range:0~2300 r/m(no load)
    ● three electrodes can be put into electrode chuck (electrode capф16 mm×2,ф13 mm×1)

602 flexible electrode holder
    ● the arc-type bracket of attractive appearance can be turned to any direction and lifted up and down vertically, with the electrode standing vertically anywhere.
    ● the material of holder is abs, of axis of rotation is stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.
    ● base of holder is made up of abs hull, cast iron counter weight and axis of rotation of stainless steel. all of these lead to professional design, attractive appearance and stability.
    ● three electrodes can be put into electrode chuck (electrode capф16 mm)

model ht2513 ph(orp)combination electrode
    ● combination of trinal electrode measurement (measurement of dectrode,reference electrode,soution grounded electrode),strong anti-interference.
    ● junction of glass abrade type, ability to keep steady junction potential in feculent and strong acid or alkali solution.
    ● ag/agcl reference electrode of capillary type,ability to keep steady reference electric potential temperature and for long time.
    ● able to take down supporting pole and protective cap,convenient to install and easy to clean.
    ● gelatinous,ectrolytic solution, no need to refill kcl solution.
    ● electrode connector with a standard pg 13.5 thread.