shanghai san-凯时娱乐

model 901 intelligent stirrer
    ●intelligent chip design. ability to set and store the stirring rate. ability to switch between two kinds of stirring speed after pressing “prm” button.
    ●range: 0 to 2300 r/m (no load)
    ● nice appearance, transparent coping design
    ● used with ac or dc, and a battery low voltage alarm
    ●used in lab, in incubator and brought outdoors
    ● equipped with strut and electrode holder, it can be used as agitating arc-spark stand
    ● ip54 dustproof and splashproof.

model 801 magnetic stirrer
    ● abs plastic case, beautiful appearance, stepless speed regulation.
    ● range 0~2300 r/m(no load)
    ● max stirring capacity 1000ml。

model 802 heating magnetic stirrer
    ● nice appearance, stepless speed regulation.
    ●constant power heating, no-load surface temperature 120 ℃
    ●a thermal protection device of 150 ℃.
    ●range 0~2300 r/m(no load)
    ● max stirring capacity 1000ml.

600 electrode holder
    ●electrode holder is comprised of strut, chuck and base, only with the function of up and down. 1份
    ● three electrodes can be put into electrode chuck (electrode cap ф16 mm×2,ф13 mm×1) 1份