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sx751 portable ph/orp/conductivity/do meter

    ● built-in microprocessor chips, intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function set-up, self-diagnose information, automatic power-off and low voltage display.

    ●multi-parameter meter, equipped with ph electrode, orp electrode, conductivity electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode, automatic identification of electrode by meter.
    ●automatic identification of 13 ph standard calibration solutions, three options of standard buffer solutions: europe and america series, nist series and china series.
    ● able to set ph measurement modes of high purity water and pure water with ammonia.
    ● automatic identification of 8 conductivity standard calibration solutions, two options of standard calibration solutions: europe and america series and china series.
    ● adopt advanced conductivity measurement technology, use conductivity electrode of constant k=1, only need one point calibration and meet the measurement precision requirement of 0.5μs/cm ~ 200 ms/cm.
    ● ability to switch among conductivity, tds, salinity and resistivity. multinomial calculation for tds and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale.
    ●conductivity measurement mode has the function of non-linear temperature compensation for high purity water.
    ●measurement mode of dissolved oxygen has the function of automatic temperature compensation, automatic salinity compensation and manual air pressure compensation.
    ●new polarographic type dissolved oxygen electrode can measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously, equipped with special dissolved oxygen electode calibration set, polarization only for 3~5 min.
    ● meter meets ip57 waterproof rating, equipped with calibration solution and portable case.

sx630 orp tester
    ●the smallest and thinnest shape: 148×29×14mm. the diameter of the electrode: 10mm.
    intelligent function: automatic power off, low voltage alarm, etc
    replaceable batteries, orp standard solution, electrode soaking solution and standby batteries in a portable case.
    ip 57 waterproof rating

5041 orp pocket tester
    ● replaceable electrode.
    ● low voltage alarm display.
    ● 10 minutes automatic shutdown.
    ● ip57 waterproof rating

mp523 ph/ise meter
    ●meter meets with the requirement of international glp standards. its features up to automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, timing measurement, clock display, rs-232 output, function setting and self-diagnose etc.
    ●there are three different measurement modes: stable display mode; time measurement mode; continuous measurement mode.
    ● automatically recognize 13 kinds of ph buffer solution. user can choose anyone from four series of standard buffer solutions: europe & usa series, nist series, china series and self-defined series
    ● high purified water and ammonia added purified water ph measuring mode can be set up, especially suitable for electric power and petrochemical industry
    ● with eh redox potential measuring mode can directly display orp value which against standard potential of hydrogen electrode.
    ● there are 10 kinds of common ions can be selected in the ion concentration measuring mode, user also can self-define other ions.
    ● can switch 4 kinds of concentration unit : px, mol/l, mg/l and ppm.
    ● meter has the only product serial number.
    ●dustproof and waterproof meter meets ip54 standards. all sockets are seal protected by the silica gel caps.